About Me

About Me

taking a thought for a walk

and what interests me, which is Adventure. Travel. Africa. Life. Books. Places, the more natural the better. Politics. Art. Here’s where I can take thoughts for a walk and see where it all ends up

The topic being taken for a walk today is:  “why blog?”    I am mulling over the answer. Is it because everyone is doing it? Yessir! But … that’s not such a flimsy reason. 

What defines us as humans is that we are essentially, importantly social beings.   We want to be part of what’s happening.  I don’t want to be outside of this massive and busy online community – that one exists virtually means that one is actually relevant.  

Now we are all writers.  Blogging has given us permission to vent, reflect, describe, argue, agree, divide, unite.  It is a pretty powerful way of being-in-the-world.

I am passionate about life, and an enthusiast when it comes to travel, people, ideas, connecting, adventure. The blog is about my travels, places I love, the pleasures of homecoming to Africa, journeys I still want to take, how I experience places and how they change me.

travel blog
my globe-hopping life

But… I can also  just sit in my little house with my family and my dogs and cats and observe the interior life as it were. Whatever works.

This blog will be about a bit of everything.  Let’s start there! Hah!

More about me

about me in Paris

My life started in a very small place in Africa and it then spanned countries & continents, cities & islands. The journey inspired so many phases, insights, discoveries encounters and shaped the person I am – grateful, wondrous about the world and passionate about life.

I moved from Africa to London in my 20’s. I was raised in the bush – overlooking the magnificent ‘ruins’ of the 11th century Bantu trading civilization called Great Zimbabwe, where my father was the curator. My family, and my incredible surroundings imbued me with a love of Africa, history, geography, travel, books, world art and culture.

travels with alice Great zimbabwe
Great Zimbabwe – still standing strong!

The great thing about me and my life is that my passions and careers have always intersected. After many years of documentary film research and script-writing, I moved to New York and took a marketing position with a Tourism Board which promoted as a destination an African country. It meant extensive travel throughout the continent. That peaked my interest in tribal African art, a subject in which I have acquired – through many errors of judgement – a competency that enabled me to become a dealer in and curator for African tribal art galleries in New York, Miami and Los Angeles, designing and curating several art exhibitions…

about me - a travel blog the author in Africa
I love cheetahs and other cats

I reckon I am fortunate.

My passion for the written word also, in the last decade, led to digital marketing editor position with a language school, where I curated the content, wrote and edited blogs and strategized social media campaigns.

I currently live in Johannesburg, South Africa. A true African city that’s just a couple of hour’s drive from unimaginable beautiful bushveld, filled with wildlife in their natural habitat and close to authentic traditional cultural experiences.

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